Home buying tips

    Before buying a home, there are certain factors to be considered with apex relevance.

  • 1. Reputation of a builder must be confirmed to assure that you are on the safe zone and are making deal with the right people.
  • 2. The builder should be equipped with all resources needed to finish the project within your expected timeframe.
  • 3. Check the location and verify whether all facilities you want such as schools, colleges, hospital, market and work place are easily assessable from there.
  • 4. Note who your neighbours are and whether you will be comfortable with them.
  • 5. How much sense of security do you feel?
  • 6. Consider the amenities and conveniences availed before making the final decision.
  • 7. Gauge the income potential of the home in case you want to rent out the same in future.
  • 8. Finally, inquire about the dealings and have eyes also on the probable appreciation your investment will earn.