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Mankavil Project Consultants

Mankavil Project Consultant is a renowned construction company which has produced many commercial and residential architectural wonders in and around Kerala. We give utmost importance to the quality of materials used, thus ensuring that they bear the test of time.

We aesthetically and economically design, implement and complete our projects in the lowest possible time. We blend innovation with everlasting engineering fundamentals and do the best of structural design and architecture.

Mankavil Project Consultant has a very strong line of management and work force that are dedicated, professional and qualified to deliver the projects we undertake with 100% commitment. We work with various associates, partners and agencies, a strong networkestablished over a period of hard work and dedication towards delivering our services.


Construction of Building and heavy equipment foundation

Building construction is procured privately utilizing various delivery methodologies, including hard bid, negotiated price, traditional, management contracting, construction management-at-risk, design & build and design-build bridging.

  • Civil Construction Services
  • Industrial Construction Services
  • Plumbing Services
  • Roads Laying Works
  • Mall Construction Services
  • Flats Construction Services
  • Villa Project Construction Services
  • Duplex Home Construction Services
  • Construction Projects
  • Structural Fabrications
  • Prefabricated Structures
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Contract works

Our team of qualified site engineers, contractors, consultants and architects are well equipped to develop a residence, apartment block, service apartment, hotel, commercial office, school, industrial shed or retail establishment according to your specifications.No matter how large or small the construction work is, we have the experienced people to do it with perfection. As part

Residential & Commercial Construction

Having a vast experience in the field of Construction, we offer a comprehensive range of building, architectural, landscaping and designing services like building projects, residential contracts, Apartments Construction, Wall Construction for Layouts, Plumbing & Painting works, interior designing, structural designing and architectural projects.

Road works

In addition to the construction of Cement Roads and Drainage Systems, Road works occur when part of the road, or in rare cases, the entire road, has to be occupied for work relating to the road, most often in the case of road surface repairs.

Painting works

No matter how large or small the painting job is, we have the experienced people to do it with perfection. As part of the Painting Services, we properly analyze the area and the environment to determine what are the suitable painting and coating materials required and then proceed with the work as planned. As a Paint Contractor, we also perform all types of painting works as per the requirements of our clients. Our team understands the preference of our clients and therefore offers the Painting Services accordingly.

Plumbing Contractors

We are able to provide the Plumbers to Residential, Commercial & Industrial Needs in a Contract. We have been tied up with Fitters, Plumbers & Electricians for your needs.

Infrastructure Development

We also undertake infrastructure development projects like roads, Pre Engineered steel building, Industrial Construction, Earthmoving works, Steel Structures which are quite essential to every industry.

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