The Saga of Mankavil Group Business traces its origin way back to the year 1882 when Mankavil Geevarghese Mathunni (Kochikkachayan)- the second son of Divyasree Mankavil Geevarghese Kathanar at the tender age of 19 initiated trading business of transporting goods on bullock carts from Alappuzha Jetty to Kattanam and different parts of Kerala.

He was one among the best farmers who loved at that time and also the chief architect of present day “Kattanam”; the term being coined from the words “Katta” meaning paddy with grain and “Anam” meaning food, since Kattanam was abundantly blessed with Katta or Paddy.

It was in fact a modest beginning but the journey was incessant. There were many hitches, hassles, ups and downs witnessed by Mankavil Group Business. However the spirited personality with incomparable business insights and intellects left no stone unturned to elevate his venture to the epitome of success and the stride even after centuries still continues through capable individuals.